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Last Update - Pesach 5773 (2013)

Machanaim Today

Since the group moved to Israel Machanaim operates many types of programs in various locations in Israel, to provide a better understanding of the importance of the land, basic values in Judaism, tradition and prayers, Jewish holidays, communication and social contacts within the Israeli society, such as an Ulpan on Jewish heritage, a conversion Ulpan, courses in history and philosophy, weekends for families and singles, educational tours, training in community projects, a book publisher, which has printed many volumes, and more.

 Machanaim serves as a living bridge for the secular society that is slowly distancing itself from Jewish tradition, and improves tools needed to convey information on all shades of Jewish tradition to people of all ages in Israel and abroad.

Machanaim works in cooperation with various organizations, companies and associations in order to broaden and deeper our connections with an extremely versatile audience such as: